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DSL connection dropping constantly ?

I’m going to do my best to provide as much information as I can initially to help diagnose this issue and I appreciate your help!

I currently have a DSL connection where I live. It’s about 10 megs download and 1 Meg upload. I know it’s not great. I have not been able to do any form of gaming on my PS4 with it. When I try I get an extreme amount of lag and I end up dropping my connection. I’ve tried wireless. I’ve tried wireless boosters. I currently have the PS4 connected wired via a cat 6 and I still get extreme lag. There are other family members living there and some days there are quite a few devices on the network wirelessly. Even if there are few devices connected I still end up with severe packet loss connected wired. I’m at a loss. Ice tried going into the router settings to see if there’s a way wired connections take priority but nothing is working...

     Any help is greatly appreciated! 

4 Answers

  • Try This 

    Unplug the router and the modem. ...

    Wait at least 30 seconds. ...

    Plug in the modem. ...

    Wait at least 60 seconds. ...

    Plug in the router. ...

    Wait at least 2 minutes. ...

    When the router and modem restart, test to see if the problem went away.

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  • BigE
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Are you also running phone or is it dry loop (no phone service)?  Often it is unfiltered phone service that creates havoc on DSL lines.

    I had a friend who worked for a DSL service and they would only run DSL (dry) if they rewired the phone lines.

  • 1 month ago

    DSL comes to you over old crappy phone lines. Call your ISP and have them come measure the signal and see what they say or can doo.

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  • 1 month ago

    My suggestion is that you disconnect everything from the router except your PS4.  Turn off the Wi-Fi and connect via a wired connection.  By the way, cat 6 isn't gaining you anything, but it doesn't hurt either.

    What you need to determine is if you just have poor DSL service (which is what I suspect) versus some local network problem.  I suspect your issues are with the DSL service, not the network inside your home.

    Another thing to try, if you can, is to connect a PC via a wired connection (with Wi-Fi disabled) and run speed tests to measure the performance.  Wi-Fi is subject to all sorts of "local" interference, which is why you want to run your performance test with a wired connection.

    DSL (between your home and the service provider) is extremely finicky with regards to quality of the infrastructure (wires on the poles) and distance.  

    If your problem is the DSL service, then there are no settings in your router that will improve your experience.   Your choices are whine to the DSL provider to see if they can improve the quality of their service or use a different Internet access technology.

    If the DSL service works as expected with a single device connected to it, then go into your routers settings and look for something called Qualify of Service (QoS).  You may be able to give the MAC address of your PS4 priority over other MAC addresses?  It will depend on how sophisticated your router is.  If other users on your network are streaming video or music those will suck up what little bandwidth you have.

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