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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 1 month ago

Astrology break up advice - Scorpio Sun/Cancer Moon?

So I recently got out of a 3mon relationship with a Scorpio sun/Cancer moon man.. and it literally has been phenomenal when it was just he and I. We clicked so well, everything had been very positive and it’s like we just understood what each other needs from the get go. Basically up until last month things were as healthy and positive as they could be. But unfortunately I found out that his parents didn’t approve of me (for reasons I don’t understand as I have a great career, I’m a self sufficient person, and the person every would describe as a kind/sweet friend). While this caused tension initially we both vowed to not let it affect us and to focus on supporting each other which is how a relationship should be and show his family that there’s nothing to worry about. Up until this past Friday, things seemed great, we had a small argument but nothing that would warrant a breakup. We talked out our issue and were fine, eventually he opened up about how his family was pressuring him to end things and made up a  totally incorrect persona for me that made me look like a gold digger. We again talked through it and agreed to support each other. Saturday night he ended things out of the blue. While I’m not asking for advice to specifically get back together b/c I think it’ll play out as it should, I’m asking if this will be something he will deal with for life.. a family that wants to have a say in his decisions. And if I should reach out to just talk about what actually happened.

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Enjoy the long story questions but can’t take them seriously. We’re in the entertainment section. Is astrology science or superstition?

    If you’re serious about the Tooth Fairy science, what kind of answer do you want? Have you looked the answers here?  Do you explanations from astrology illiterate strangers? Ms. 40-50 factors has plenty of anecdotes.

    Why aren’t you seeing a professional astrologer? Not like they’re hard to find, thousands are online. One of them must be superior to any of us. But it seems you’re too cheap when it comes to your beliefs. Astrology is great for making excuses.

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  • Janet
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Things DO click well. At first. That is the infatuation phase. But then our brain chemistry returns back to normal, the "high" dies out .. and most of the time the only thing that had us hooked on the relationship WAS that "high". You really have to date someone 3 years of more to see what it will be like for the long-term. Love won't even START to grow until you two have been living together for that long.

    You are wise to just play it out as it should. Couples who CAN make it work DO make it work. And regardless of the reasons why, in this situation it didn't work out. And it is possible that his infatuation was already starting to die out and the influence of his parents just helped push it along a bit more quickly.

    You re asking too much from astrology. Not just because you have only given us 2 out of the 40-50 factors active in HIS natal chart .. but because astrology is only an influence on what goes on inside the person. All the natal chart shows is how the person will likely be if they never grow or change through life. And it cannot tell you if his parents will change, or if he will change his dynamics with his parents.

    (a tip: any relationship that has discord or arguments - even small - in the first year of steady dating is probably going to die within a year or two, if not sooner. Because 1-3 years of living together is when the problems REALLY heat up, so you need to be basically conflict free before then)

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    He made the family didn’t approve up and you didn’t get the hint it was over the first time, so he abruptly cut it off because he doesn’t want to create a triangle with his new love interest.  

    Accept the rejection and move on to greener pastures.

    • Ell1 month agoReport

      With all due respect.. I don’t this is the case at all because when I initially found out about his family I told him that if it’s easier on he and his family we can end things here and he was the one who said no we stay together .. so if he was looking for an out he had it the whole time 

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