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Calculate the Freezing Point of a 1.0 m  solution of MgCl2 in water.?

(Remember MgCl2 does dissociate in water) Kf of water is 1.86 C kg/mol.


Also, part B says: Would you expect the measured freezing point of 1.0


MgCl2 to be higher or lower than the value you calculated?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Assume that MgCl2 ionizes completely in 3 ion. Then, 

    Change in freezing point = 3 (1.86 C/m) (1.0 m) = 5.58

    So, the solution will freeze at -5.58 °C

    B. In actuality, ionization is rarely absolutely complete. So, the assumption that it ionizes completely is not true, and the 3 in the above calculation is really somewhat less than three. So, the actual freezing point will be a bit higher than -5.6 C.

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