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paula asked in PetsRodents · 2 months ago

Repost: Traveling with a hamster?

I've been meaning to get a hamster for awhile now. I've been planning for the proper cages but the biggest question for me is that I'm currently staying in the city and I would often visit the province during the weekends and would stay 2-3 days. Since leaving them alone is never a good idea. What tips can you guys give me when I'm traveling with a hamster and moving it back and fort, in my unit and in our house. I'm also scared it might stress the little guy. Also, time of travel from my unit to our house is around 1-2 hours. I travel by bus sometimes so it might get cold during the ride. I'm also curious about their cages when shifting homes, like do they have to recognize the smell of the cage? (I apologize for the never ending questions, since I still have a few more research to do before actually getting one)

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    I doubt buses would ALLOW you to bring him with you. If you travel that much NO pet is a good match for you. Stop thinking so selfishly.

    • paula3 weeks agoReport

      The bus terminal in ours allow pets as long as we have a permit. Also I am not thinking selfishly. That is why I am asking for opinions, I am listing all the pros and cons before buying one. If I was selfish would have bought the poor thing without even thinking about my situation. Anyways, thanks.

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