ACL tear + LCL sprain prognosis?

Hi all. I completely ruptured/tore my ACL while skiing as well as sprained my LCL. My doctor told me that I have an endpoint while testing my LCL which means it's not completely torn and most likely a Grade 2 sprain. However, it's not gotten any better after 4 weeks and I really wanted to have my ACL surgery during my school's spring break (2 weeks away) so that I would have time to recover. If my LCL is not healed by then, the next time I would be able to have surgery would be in the summer which is months away and not ideal.

I'm also nervous because I've been reading online that when the LCL is injured along with the ACL, it usually requires surgery for the LCL which is a much larger ordeal than the ACL surgery (open surgery vs. arthroscopy). My doctor is not even sure my LCL will ever heal, even though it's not completely torn. For anyone who's had these two ligament injuries, was both surgeries required or did the LCL generally heal within 6 weeks and the ACL surgery was good to go? I'm super nervous because I don't want to deal with both and I also really want to have my ACL surgery in 2 weeks but things are not looking like they will work out.

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