How to recover whatsapp backup from drive after changing phone number?

Hey i m having a problem with my whatsapp backup. I recently changed my phone number ( for sake of better understanding i use “A” for my previous number and “B” for my current number.) So before changing my number to my new number i haven't restored my whatsapp like fuly (there were 3.5 gb worth of data was there. So i turned off my backup restoration from Google drive itself so it reads message on top of your chat “couldn't restore your backup” or something) then suddenly i changed my number from A to B. And as soon as i went through the process of changin numbers (the message “couldn't restore your backup” vanished) then i tried to restore my old data (3.5gb) it dont let me. Please anyone help me what should i do.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Accept that there is NOTHING you can do at this point and move on.

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