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Driving in the UK Quesion?

Just a quick question, I have been watching some driving videos and noticed that some people get there acceleration to a certain point before pulling off, however the way I do it is get the clutch to the bite, release handbrake and then accelerate a bit as i am finally pulling the clutch all the way out, is my way the wrong way or is it fine to do what I am doing, is it also fine with hillstarts as well?

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    The way you're doing it (accelerate a bit as i am finally pulling the clutch all the way out) means you will be replacing your clutch at regular intervals. Accelerating while letting the clutch out will kill your clutch.

    Let the clutch out fully as soon as you can without stalling. 

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    Sounds like you are doing it fine. You may find you need a little more gas for a hill start.

    Some people may rev it up unnecessarily for a smarter take-off, which is what you've seen. It's not good for the car, particularly the clutch.

  • Anton
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    You are fine.  You are probably normal, accelerator going down at the same as the clutch comes up.

    On uphill starts, you can learn to use heel and toe to hold the service brake and the accelerator at the same time.

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    "Quesion" is not a word, and it doesn't matter as it isn't a question regardless. Rule violation!

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