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Lunchtime UK kids tv program late 80s with an animation of a little black chimney sweep, looked like the homepride man & flew with umbrella?

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  • 1 month ago

    Everything totally disappeared in 24 of december of 2002 when I was ran over by a bus and woke up on 22 august 1969 David Byrne was Rey Momo I went to Jose Rios house there was this compaq company diaries of a motorcycle never revealed was a plateax of mirrors and I was having a coffee for recording the album which said Galtieri died and was the Padre nuestro they said not to record radio frequencues in the albums but we broke the rules cause time rules there was an anecdot of bacteriological weapons and the death of Galtieri and probably much more was a record not to talk about anything anylonger wasbthe same than La Cofradia de La Flor Solar they discovered the artist happened in 1979 with Susana Luxia we went to see it befire malvibas was a manifesto theater only by all the artists doung performance

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Not Mr Benn?..........................

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