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Anything Verizon can do about it or would do about it? ?

Roughly 6 months ago, I bought a S10 5G. I have the highest plan available that makes sense. Some of their plans just aren’t justifiable for $10 more. Anyway, I had recently been in a wreck and my phone was shattered, both back and front. I ended denying the protection service as I never had an issue with breaking or dropping my electronic devices. So, once I found out how much it was to fix or I could wait a month to have the device protection plan to take place, I’d figure I’d switch back to Apple. It was better for school as well with every Apple product transferring data between each other quickly. So, I bought a refurbished IPhone XS Max Unlocked Verizon. I had put my sim from my Samsung into the IPhone and have been using just fine. I switched plans as my S10 was 5G compatible. I was just wondering if they’d do anything about it. I mean, I’m not only paying for the S10 but also for the service. So, it’s technically like I still have the phone and using it but only I’m not. I do still have it and am using the service on the line, I was just curious if they’d do anything about it. It has been a bit, about a month. I also had purchase a Tab S4 for school when I had everything Samsung. I sold that awhile ago and of course took the sim out. I’m obviously paying for the tablet and service. Service is only $10. They haven’t done anything about it yet but was just curious if I could expect them to do something. They are still getting their money and paying for the products.

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