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Which of these two wool blankets is of higher quality?

I ve gotten two Hudson s Bay point blankets recently and trying to determine which one would be considered of superior quality/condition. They are both almost antique and released around the same time frame. Both are 4 points.

That said, the wool on one is very thick, brushed and

fuzzy looking, with undefined lines where the wool bleeds over.

The other feels much lighter in general, has much less of a fuzzy look, with clean, defined lines. It looks more preserved than the other one to me, but then have heard some people say that they start off being fuzzier before the wool gets worn down over time and end up with that textured look.

Which one would be considered better/newer condition? Or are they not even the same, but two different types of wool or threading style maybe?

Any insight or opinions are appreciated.

picture of both can be seen here:

Thanks in advance!

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago
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    Can't tell from a photo. I'd go by how they feel.  A thicker fluffier blanket may simply be less worn, or maybe it was thicker from the start. When blankets are new you can't really see the texture of the weaving. As they wear out the weaving becomes easier to see, as it is in the blanket in the bottom of your photo.

    • Tom1 month agoReport

      Took a closer look and can see you're right about the wool being more worn out on bottom blanket. Helpful reply, thank you.

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