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will i ever hear from either of my sisters again in this life time?

This is the situation-

Growing up I was close with my 2 sisters' growing up, when I was in college, they were still at home, by the time I graduated both of them moved to another city and got married to their husbands. In 2011 I moved out to their city (they asked me to), and we were still close.

Over the years though, they have gotten married/had kids, and the 4 of them are close (sisters, their husbands). They are always making the effort with each other to hang out etc, which is totally cool with me. However, its always me making the effort with them, such as I'm usually the one texting them if they want to hang out, and whenever we are in the room as a group, the 4 of them keep to themselves and whenever I try to converse with them its very short on their end.

I have made them aware of this issue, and where I stand! I totally get they are busy with their lives but all I ask from them is for them to make an effort with me as well, to meet me half way, alas they haven't.

Last weekend was the boiling point for us- I sent them a txt saying I was done making the effort with them and if they want me in their lives they can contact me, they both said "ok" and that was that.

My question here- It's been a week since their last text. Will I ever hear from them again? Or should I let all hope go?

1 Answer

  • Alan H
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    In effect, you told them you had lost interest.

    Why should they respond?

    A more conciliatory contact may be in order.

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