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Why can't iOS Catalina route to a work domain?

I have a sudden routing issue to get to my work email from one computer on my network. Trying to route to works from any other PC or MAC behind my home router. One MacBook in particular cannot route to this domain. trying to ping or traceroute to it from terminal says Operation is not allowed. I can ping and trace to other sites with no issues. I checked and tried to clear the routing tables, turned off all firewalls, and even restored my Macbook using an old time machine backup to no avail. connecting to other networks and even bypassing my router has the same issue. Any MAC Geniuses out there know what's happening? 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    That sounds like a typical DNS problem.

    Manually add as a DNS in the network connection configuration.

    (That's Google's public DNS).

    This is how to add a DNS, rather than me retyping stuff:

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