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Spyro asked in SportsWrestling · 4 months ago

On a scale 0 to 10, how would you rate Shayna Baszler?












8 Answers

  • 4 months ago
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    Did you watch NXT Takeover Portland? What a great show it was and the match quality was top-notch. I'll give it a 8.5/10 and I'll give an answer for this question.

    Speed - 5 - Well, Baszler can certainly execute some quick kicks however she isn't particularly fast or has any considerable speed. Average seems like the best rating for her in this category.

    Strength - 8 - Her strength is high and she has shown many times that she can dominate anyone in the division, just by physical strength alone. When she slaps on her submission finisher, she uses her strength to pull the poor victim down. Many have fallen victim to that. It's escapeable by dexterity and strength, however the last one, few can do that and Rhea is one of them.

    There is also some of the moves she has done that shows that. The Gutwrench combo needs a lot of strength as more than one move is done and there is also the Gutwrench from the top rope which could qualify as a finisher.

    Stamina - 8 - Baszler has been in the UFC and has been involved in many fights. Stamina is one of the most important things that any UFC fighter should possess. Baszler fought a lot of people in WWE and was able to handle a lot of their attacks and still standing. 

    Grappling - 9 - Grappling is something that Baszler is really good at and needs to be good at. She can apply a lot of submission holds that can take down many and not to mention how good she is when it comes to chain wrestling. She grapples so well when using her finisher and gets it good.

    Striking - 9 - She excels at striking. She is capable of striking a target plenty of kicks. Her kicks are dangerous and I'm sure if she had to adopt one of them as a signature or even a finisher, it would be effective.

    Realism - 8 - Baszler is the type of superstar that feels comfortable playing the heel. She is actually great at playing the heel and her attitude can make some people fear her. Some of the moves she utilises look brutal and when she hits her finisher, the whole thing looks real. Her opponent trying to get out but failing and then you have Baszler looking like a crazed psychopath. It's great!

    Agility - 5 - There is this other move that is similar to Bryan's Running Knee that Baszler has done and Baszler has excellently done some kicks of a high range.

    Match-Quality - 7 - Many of her matches have been in the three star range which isn't bad at all as it proves that she can have good matches. Now, her match with Rhea Ripley is probably her best match as it is in the four star range. She's had good matches and also some bad ones as well.

    Psychology - 8 - Psychology........Baszler is definitely a violent wrestler. She is also brutal and can tell a story of domination and she also has that crazy aspect of her. When she uses her finisher and also having that crazy look, she can tell a story of someone trying to take down her opponent so much.

    Character - 8 - Baszler is good at being a heel, no doubt about that at all. She may not be very charismatic when she speaks but you'll know that she is serious about what she is saying. What she has done as a heel has been great so far. Attacking superstars at the Performance Center on more than two occasions, personally attacking LeRae in order to spite LeRae's fan, biting Becky and swearing on a PG Show. That's a lot.

    Charisma - 5 - I don't think she has much and she isn't as great as she is in the mic as she is in the ring.

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    • Nico Robin
      Lv 5
      4 months agoReport

      You seem to be a fan of Indy wrestling which is fine. A very high percentage of the talents that WWE has are from the Indies. 

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    No other at all in my opinion

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Speed - 3

    Strength - 7

    Stamina - 5

    Grappling - 5

    Striking - 6

    Realism - 2

    Agility - 5

    Psychology - 3

    Character - 2

    Charisma - 0

    So, her score is = 38/100

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  • 4 months ago

    speed - 3. it is a 3. dont think shayna is fast.

    strength - 8. not as big as nia but she is almost as strong as her. she could even pick nia up.


    stamina - 7. she can endure more than most on the ring, still not something I'd say super.

    grappling - 9. i think she can beat anyone in a chain wrestling exchange.

    striking - 8. she's a good striker, maybe even a great striker.

    realism - 9. yeah as a heel, she's superb. she is legitimate and dangerous.

    agility - 2. it's not her style but I'll give her a 2 because of the kicks.

    match quality - 7. good wrestler that had some cool matches with Kairi, Shirai and Rhea and also kai.

    psychology - 6. not the best storyteller around but she can deliver.

    character - 8. shayna beat up this girl(candice i think) in front of her fan. she like said something to the fan then choked candice(not beat up no.. whatever). great heel. she can be serious on the mic.

    charisma - 4. it's not much but come on, she's a good heel.

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  • 4 months ago

    Speed - 3

    -I don't know man.

    Strength - 8

    -She's really strong. I mean look at her build.

    Stamina - 8

    -She can last long in a fight.

    Grappling - 9

    -She is a very good grappler and she is good at mat wrestling.

    Striking - 9

    -She punches hard and kicks hard.

    Realism - 8

    -Yeah she's not generic

    Agility - 2

    -This one is where she isnt all that good.

    Match Quality - 7

    -She has had a lot of good matches, usually against a better wrestler.

    Psychology - 7

    -Uhhhhh it's good.

    Character - 7

    -She's pretty awesome

    Charisma - 4

    -Not a good talker.

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  • Speed - 2

    Strength - 7

    Stamina - 7

    Grappling - 8

    Striking - 8

    Realism - 9

    Agility -2

    Match Quality - 6

    Psychology - 6

    Character - 8

    Charisma - 1

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  • 4 months ago

    *Speed - 4 - Baszler isn't fast and nothing she has done can make it any higher.

    *Strength - 8 - Probably the most powerful superstar in WWE besides Nia Jax and maybe Ripley when it comes to brute strength. She's strong and she should be.

    *Stamina - 7 - Not sure how much stamina she truly has but according to the matches she's been, she has a good stamina tank.

    *Grappling - 9 - She's a submission expert and ex-ufc star. If her grappling is any lower than this, it would be embarrassing.

    *Striking - 9 - Every striking move she performs looks good and some of the kicks she's used makes Shawn's Michaels Superkick look bad.

    *Realism - 8 - I think that Baszler is one of the most unique wrestlers in WWE. There's just that element of brutality and when she broke Kai's arm, it felt so real. She is far from the generic heel.

    *Agility - 3 - Why even bring this category?

    *Match Quality - 6 - A Baszler match can be enhanced by a good talent that Baszler has chemistry with. There's a reason why Ripley managed to get a great match out of her.

    *Psychology - 8 - She is at her best when she is dominating. She tells a good story and plays the heel very well.

    *Character - 8 - She is a great heel that the crowd can hate, doesn't try so hard to be a heel like Ronda Rousey did and although her mic skills are average, she still good.

    *Charisma - 2 - Massive charisma vacuum.

    • Nico Robin
      Lv 5
      4 months agoReport

      This is a good answer.

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Is there a negative scale? 0-10 is such a large range for this Βitch

    • Spyro4 months agoReport

      I wasn't talking about her looks, I was talking about her wrestling skills.This is the wrestling section after all. But, if you want to judge her looks, go ahead.

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