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Josh asked in SportsRunning · 1 month ago

Shin pain help?

I use to run about 5-6 miles 2-3 times a week and then I took a year off. Then I joined the army thinking I'd be able to get back in shape and run like I use to. Since I joined(about 7 months ago), I've been dealing with posterior shin pain literally every time we run. I'm constantly going to the doctor for help and end up with nothing, just different pills for the pain(none of them helps). What I've tried so far is: plenty of different stretches I've found online and was told to try from doctors/physical therapists(doing them  every morning before we PT and after a gym session), resting, icing/applying heat, elevating, compression, strengthening calves(single leg calf raises, weighted calf raises, toe raises), foam rolling, massaging, hired a running coach(POSE method), changed running shoes (tried neutral, motion control, stability...probably on the 4th shoe in the 7 months I've been in and I've also done a gait analysis at a running store), received custom orthotics(didn't help), and I'm now doing physical therapy(honestly the workouts I was doing felt like it did more than what I do at physical therapy).

I've tried pushing through the pain, just taking naproxen and rubbing tiger bomb where it hurts and that led to me having a stress reaction which was confirmed with a X-ray. I've been taking One A Day Men's Pro Edge multivitamins with Vitamin D + Calcium supplement every day for the past 6 months. I'm out of options. Please any help is appreciated. 

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    1 month ago

    First off, kudos for exploring every possible option you could think of in order to fix the issue. You've done all the right things, it sounds like. 


    I agree with Jogger re: don't keep running with the pain. Perhaps seeing a different doctor (someone skilled in sports medicine). I also suggest seeing if anyone in your area practices myofascial release therapy. I personally have found it VERY beneficial for my running pains (it addresses the fascia that surrounds the muscle and can become bound up - see article linked below for a bit of comparison between mfr and massage). 


    Whatever is the cause, I hope you're able to pinpoint it and resolve it soon. We here aren't medical professionals so can't offer much advice beyond what he pros you've already seen have done for you (but as you've seen, we can sometimes offer other possibilities or treatments to explore). Good luck!

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  • 1 month ago


    I'm sorry, but you've already tried everything I could have advised you to do. I can't really tell you anything more that will help, especially since those who already advised you have two advantages over me:  1) They are medically qualified.  2) They've actually examined you.

    Even so, I'm responding to your question, because you've been doing two things I would avoid:

    * I would never run while under the effects of pain relief medication.

    * Except for a side stitch, I would never try to run through the pain.

    Pain is the body's way of announcing something is wrong. If I run and ignore it, I feel I could make whatever is wrong even worse. A minor injury could become a worse injury.

    It sounds like you have some sort of injury that wasn't diagnosed properly. You might ask your physician to look for injuries that have not been considered. You might try going to different specialists. 

    * Could you have a stress fracture?  (I doubt it. If you did, it would have likely have progressed to the point where you wouldn't be able to run, or even walk.)

    * Could you have some type of chronic compartment syndrome / muscle compression syndrome?

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    • Josh1 month agoReport

      I’ll ask the doctor about the compartment syndrome. And I appreciate the reply. I guess I kinda figured no one would be able to help me, but also hoping I would get lucky and someone would give the magic solution.

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