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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingOther - Pregnancy & Parenting · 1 month ago

Pregnancy and drug testing? ?

I am with the substance misuse programme because at the start of my pregnancy I was addicted to diazepam and I had to taper off it, I’ve been off them completely since October, however they have not discharged me from the programme because they said they wanted to support me all the way through the pregnancy and they are discharging me 2 months after I give birth 

I am also with a consultant because of my mental health problems and smoking cigarettes(I’ve cut down to basically nothing) I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and I’ve been staying with my friend who smokes a lot of cannabis in her house, I am having work done on my own house so I can’t stay there at the moment, I have just got a bit paranoid because I heard cannabis can get into your system from being around it and I’m scared the hospital might drug test me after I give birth... help please, UK only 

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