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what was your favorite game growing up Tekken 5 or Need for Speed?

one thing i noticed for some reason our generation was more calm and less Ragers. maybe it has something to do with the Competition Feelings..that come with online lol

and yes. If u liked Halo...Plz do say ..

My personal was Super Smash bros melee

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    neither.......but i was a huge fan of tekken 2  and streetfighter 2 turbo...had you of said Gran Turismo  that would of been different  NFS  is a childish joke  sorry..

    super what?....yeah welll you say tomato  and i say tomato....p

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    • Varsha2 months agoReport

      Not my pa2 my family friend I had a game cube But it looked like a ps3 game and I remember but it worked amazing in the slim which surprisingly came out after the ps3😂 or something I’m not sure cuz I swore I saw it in 2011 or something 

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