PC brightness is dim? Windows 10?

My PC brightness is dim for some reason after restarting my PC.

My ASUS monitor is on full brightness and is working completely fine when I connect it to other devices so it's definitely not a monitor issue. I've tried restarting the PC many times and still hasn't changed.

I'm using windows 10, any idea what might cause this problem?

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  • 5 months ago

    There are settings for video output from whatever is feeding that Asus monitor.  With no description of your "PC" hardware like the graphics system, just "windows 10", a guess would be look at the Windows settings or your graphics card driver.

    • serio5 months agoReport

      My apologies for not including extra information of whats feeding my my monitor as i'm not so knowledgeable when it comes to PC's. 

      I have an Nvidia Geforce GTX 970

      I also tried uninstalling the driver and restarting the PC for it to install automatically and nothing changed.
      Driver is up to date

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