What exactly is a programming framework. Specifically Ruby on Rails?

I understand that Ruby is a programming language.

But they say that Ruby on Rails is a framework for that language.What exactly does a framework do that the regular programming language would not do?

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  • Chris
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    RoR is a framework for *websites* or *web apps*, not a "programming framework". No idea where you got that term from.

    A web framework is a bunch of existing code that provides default structures for creating complex, database driven websites. There is a whole bunch of those, some written in Python (like Django), some in Node.JS (express), some in C# or Java.

    And there's RoR, which was written in Ruby.

    So if you

    a) already know Ruby and like it


    b) want to create the backend for a website or mobile app


    c) have a server that supports RoR

    go for it. Otherwise, learning it is pointless.

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