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What food is in the middle in the picture of the Create Your Own Appetizer deal at Red Lobster?

like between the Chicken Strips & the Mozzerella Sticks, what is that, I'm just wondering (cause it looks like Texas Toothpicks)


Just a heads up, for those who don't know "Texas Toothpicks" are strips of Fried Onions & Jalapenos, I get them all the time at a local restaurant in my hometown (Sulphur, Louisiana) called "The Boiling Point", they're really delicious, and I thought the food in the middle pile looked like them, which makes me really want to go there to try them (that and the Cheddar Biscuits)

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2 Answers

  • Ray J
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    looks like clam strips to me.

  • 3 months ago

    😟 Omg. I dunno? Like calamari tentacles? Hushpuppy strings?

    • Bryce3 months agoReport

      Ooh, Hushpuppy Strings sound good, but I think those would be just French Fries with a Fried Onion-esc coating

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