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Why is lucky bamboo stalk turning yellow from top?

I don’t use fertilizer. I don’t put them in direct sunlight, but I do keep them on this window .


I topped them to make more bamboo plants about a week ago. I used unscented white candle wax on both.

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  • 3 months ago
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    That yellow bit of stalk is definitely dying so I think you should remove that section quickly 

    before the whole stalk also rots away.  Possibly some germ contaminated the plant before you sealed the top.  I am no expert on lucky bamboo at all though.  My own shoots disappointingly eventually all died after a few years, even though I used to boil the water (and cool it) before topping them up.  I suspect I didn’t have them in an area that had enough natural light.  If I tried again I would only use rainwater as I suspect boiling the water didn’t purify it enough for the plants.  Good luck ... hope you have better luck with yours. 

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