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Worried about lymphoma for ?

Last two years I’ve had on and off throat/tonsils problems. Reoccurring tonsillitis which has led to more recently my left side of throat aching & my left tonsils seems to become more effected at times. I was told I had a rare form of tonsillitis where tonsils can erode. My right tonsils did slightly. I was referred to Ent and told there were no signs of cancer. I’ve also had glandular fever prior, 

A year or two on...the last three months mainly- throat glands up and down a lot- groin aches at times. Left side of throat aches all the way down wind pipe. Left tonsils feels larger when swallowing, feels as though it’s dry in a way. Virus like symptoms, ulcers in my mouth, geographical sore tounge- viral infection without feeling poorly. Dr said to come back if comes back. 3 weeks later- same symptoms accompanied by a lump in neck. Full set of bloods- normal and sat, however still having same symptoms. Sleeping more, getting hot at work when others are cold. ( flustered ).ultra sound done - thyroid glands inflamed. Referral to Ent- consultant said to have my tonsils taken out which will be tested for Lymphoma and I’m sure he mentioned the word Leukemia but I got panicked. Prior to seeing consultant I had tingles, itching pinsneedles-left hand palm forearm-didn’t mention it. Since it’s happened 2 more times. I’m itching on my face, scalp, top half of body mainly. 

Should I call drs and mention these new symptoms? I drank on sat eve and woke up sore on left side boob/underarm. 

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  • 4 months ago

    My itching is worse after a shower in the evening. I’m not sure whether to leave it as I already have surgery booked or to call drs and let them know. 

    I’m worried I may have Lymphoma? Any advice would help x 

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