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Why do anorexic people fast and starve to death in order to lose weight?

Wouldn't eating healthy and exercising be better? I mean... I eat three meals a day on average (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and I go run three times a week. I am slim. What's the advantage of not eating?

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    6 months ago
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    It is about control over their own bodies, not wanting to grow into adulthood and body dysmorphia that makes them look in the mirror and think they are still fat even when they look like a skeleton. Even when they see someone standing right next to them that is very thin but healthy. They may believe that person is thin but that they are not as thin as that person. It's more of a psychological illness that manifests itself physically. Many anorexics upon recovery - IF they recover - often do end up obsessing about exercise instead. 

  • Marc
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    6 months ago

    It is a mental illness where they do not see themselves the same way other people do. Thats what makes it an illness

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