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what do you do when you long for love?

i have never had female relationships or a female partner but i did have quite a few flings with girls in my adolescence long ago, i'm now a man aged 42....i have endured a very hard life coping with a severe personality disorder/mental problems....i have ended up with no relationships or support network except for my elderly parents, mum and dad who live far from me...they have been divorced 26 years.

i have lived in a little council flat on my own for 15 years, living an isolated hermit existence, the only time i leave the flat is to go to the local gym to keep fit and to manage my type 2 diabetes which i acquired years ago..

i am incredibly lonely and long for love from a lady, a close intimate relationship is what i always dreamed of, and ideally to get married and have a white the weddings i went to in the 80's when i was a kid..

but how can i find that loving girl/partner/lady? my preference in women is pale, blonde and slightly can that happen for me at this late stage of my life?...i'm approaching middle age now, and i feel so depressed and isolated with it too.

i have missed out a great deal on normal life happenings.

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  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    The pricey, picture perfect wedding to your exact "type" may not be in the cards. But if you can make a human connection with a woman based on something other than her appearance you and she could easily get married at a registry office and live a happy life together. Turns out big white weddings are insanely expensive and if you're in council housing it's unlikely you could afford that. Oh, and she's also going to be nearing middle age and may even have some mental problems of her own. It's all about being realistic.

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