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Anyone else starting to think Lyft and Uber turned out to be a bad idea?

Lyft and Uber have been fighting with lawmakers in my area to have the ability to operate in the region, they finally got the approval about a year ago and everyone thought it was great but now we're starting to see a lot of negative effects. Recently the 3 largest cab companies completely shut down (they weren't all that great) but now the only thing left is a few small medical transportation companies and now it seems that because Lyft and Uber pushed out the competition, They no longer are reliable. Myself and my friends are all having the same issues, Drivers are cancelling pickups, they cancel the ride and then ask for cash, accept rides and then sit in a parking lot sometimes for over an hour, and if you cancel it to find another driver you get hit with a fee. about 6 months ago you could open the app and you were surrounded by available drivers, now maybe 1-3 will pop up in a 25 mile radius. this a pretty well populated area, about 1.5 million so I cant understand why it's so hard to get a ride. I scheduled a ride last night for this morning so I could get to work, It was confirmed by a driver. then this morning came and the app spent 45 mins searching for a driver because the original one cancelled. Finally someone came online about 15 miles away and he started towards me, he then calls me to ask where I'm going, why im going there and then tells me he's not going to come if the trip was under 10 miles, luckily it was 12. Anyway I got to work late and here we are.

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  • L
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    "Starting to think"?

    Uber, Lyft and others claimed originally to be "ride sharing" services. There was never any "sharing" involved. They started under a false premise and it went downhill from there.

    Now they are called "ride hailing" services. Here's the deal, it is a taxi cab service and with that comes scrutiny from the local responsible police department.

    I've been thinking Uber, Lyft and others have always been a bad idea. If you need to go from point A to point B and are willing to pay someone to drive you, call a legitimate taxi company.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Quote: "Anyway I got to work late and here we are."


    Yes, there you are at work chatting on the internet and not doing the job you were hired for. FAIL. You're fired.

    • marc2 months agoReport

      lmao I throw up netflix on one of the TVs in my office, got a problem with that too?

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