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why do I keep feeling sick for..?

Its like everyday its just random but it I start to feel really sick out of no where like if I ate a load of bad food and then I start to feel a lil light headed and a little bit like going to black out or pass out whatever.. This has been going on for months but im not really sure how to explain it , Also I dont really have a good doctor either , like my doctor doest not no much about any of my problems and just sends me to specialist , and right now im going to see a dermatologist next month about a different problem im having. But does anyone know what this problem can be? Like is it normal? I guess I can say my body is pretty much covered in cystic acne if that might be doing it im not sure, thats why im seeing a specialist for that problem. but like right now im just feeling sick like i ate a ton of donuts and sugar and I havent. plus when I feel like this my whole left arm starts to get weak feeling for some reason. Just hope im okay, I do have bad anxiety. Hopefully someone knows what im talking about and will comment.

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