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abdul asked in HealthMental Health · 2 months ago

Depression, loneliness, disconnected from the world?

been severely depressed my whole life with serious social anxiety, had my 2nd girlfriend and we lasted 3 years, 4 months ago we broke up. She broke me out of my social anxiety completely but i still just feel alone and without purpose, i'm trying to start a business, i have a job that's pretty good. Something in me has always been missing, i tried making friends and i'm doing ok with it but i still don't really have any close ones. My ex was my only friend for those 3 years and before that i had none. I'm 27, I look really good face and especially body cause all i do is workout if i'm not working on my business. That's at least something i have going for me, but i still have zero self esteem for some reason. i'm on anti depressants, i go to therapy, and i've been drinking every night since the break up. The alternative is lay awake in bed tormenting myself with my thoughts. I feel like i'll never beat my mental illnesses. any advice?

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