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Chili Plant problems?

I have had this same problem with all my chili pepper plants, all different varieties. They start off healthy and green and growing fast, once they make their first sets of flowers and chilies, things start to turn. I usually get one group of 5-6 chilies that grow and ripen but after that the plant gets worse. you can see in the pictures the degression. Goes from healthy green - yellowing new growth with green veins - basically dead. I thought maybe a calcium or magnesium deficiency so I mixed in some bone meal to the soil 3 weeks ago. I left for 10 days and had somebody water for me. When I came back, my chilies had grown zero, while other plants and grasses had actually grown taller than the chili plants in the 10 days I use organic fertilizers like I had for many years growing plants in California. I used to get more chilies than I could possibly use. Now I moved to a more humid and tropical area and cant seem to keep the plants healthy. 

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