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Does Anyone Know the Title of This Children’s Book About 2 Dogs?

I’m looking for a children’s book that I used to read. It’s about 2 dogs, Mo and Arlene. They work at Moo Moos ice cream factory, or something like that. They go to the park to look at the stars. They eat dinner at the Happy All Chinese restaurant where they know the owner. 

At work, the manager calls Mo. He likes his slogan: “Moo Moos is the cat’s meow”, and promotes Mo to sales rep.  

Mo and Arlene eat at a fancy restaurant. She feels underdressed. Mo says he’ll be famous. She tries to be happy. 

He’s always traveling, and calls her to talk about his achievements. She says, “Great, Mo.”

One time she calls him, and hears a prerecorded message. She howls sadly. 

Mo calls the Happy All Chinese Restaurant to order chicken soup. The owner recognizes his voice and says his order is on the way. 

A chef comes with his hat covering his eyes. He drops off the chicken soup and leaves. Mo eats the soup and fortune cookie, and reads a note: “go to the park and look at the stars.” He goes there, sees the stars, and thinks of Arlene. He takes a fortune cookie off the bench. He eats it, and reads the note: “Where there’s noodles, you’ll find happiness.” 

He goes to the Happy All Chinese restaurant. The chef who brought the soup is Arlene. The owner says she makes the best fortune cookies in town. She gives Mo a fortune cookie. He eats it and reads the note: “Money can’t buy happiness.” The last page has a picture of Mo and Arlene working at the Happy All Chinese restaurant. 

3 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    It's amazing that you remember so many details of the story, but can't remember the title. I haven't read that one.

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  • 2 months ago

    House of sand and fog - Dubus 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yes I do       

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