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Men, have you ever made a list of ten reasons why you shouldn't make advances on a girl you like? ?

The only reason why I like this girl is because she is nice and sweet to me, and she looks pretty (because she is starting to come off on me). But I found at least ten reasons why I won't be confiding in her or being friends with her much longer.

Can you guys give me an example of a time you felt you liked a girl for one reason, but came up with a dozen very important reasons why you shouldn't? 

What was one of your reasons? 

5 Answers

  • Tom
    Lv 4
    2 months ago

    10. She doesn't know you.

      9. She wouldn't like you-anyway.

      8. You're not her type-whoever you are.

      7. She's too old for you.

      6. She's allready got a boyfriend.

      5. She's a one-man woman.

      4. She's hear about you, you've got a bad reputation.

      3. You waited too long.

      2. You all ready have a girlfriend.

      1. As if anyone cares.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I have never made a list of ten reasons why I shouldn't make advances to a girl that I like, but I have made a list of the pros and the cons of getting deeply involved with someone I like. The cons or the reason why I shouldn't was 1 They were too needy. 2 They didn't save their money like they should and spent too much money on frivolous things. 3. They were immature. 4. They didn't get along well with my kid. 5. They had a bad past that was kind of shady. 6. They got mad easily and jealous easily. There were other signs as well but those were the main things and later it turned out the relationship didn't work out so I shouldn't have gotten too involved with that person. Hope this helps!

    • The_mauster2 months agoReport

      The part where she had a shady past is actually one of my reasons too. She doesn't tell me what it was like growing up, what her family is like, women like talking about themselves. She is just showing subtle signs that she doesn't find me worth the effort. 😭

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  • MCM
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    I can’t think of any , and I don’t think like that ,

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  • 2 months ago

    well im not a man, but my best friend told me once that he would had liked to be more than friends with me but there were some things he didnt like about me and those are: not independient enough, way childish, not having any job experience, naive and not athletic enough, so in few words we hadnt many things in common but despite of those things we still have a good friendship

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  • 2 months ago

    No, that's just stupid. If you like the girl ask her out.  Worst case scenario she says "no" and ...  You'd have to be a very delicate flower for someone saying no to you to hurt you.  However, if she says "yes" you never know where it will lead.  Grow a pair kid.

    • The_mauster2 months agoReport

      Of course there's always the DRUG ADDICTS that say that! Have fun denying the truth and falling for others' traps. "kid". 

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