I want to make an enemyy walk like the player in scratch.?

I want to make a game (scrolling) but i cant seem to get the enemy to stay on the grid, it keeps following on my screen, I want it to walk back in forth, but its stuck contiuously going to the right, and finally its flying. A freaken flying spider! I want it to fall like the player does, but I cant get that to work until the rest work. 

Now to be honest; I have asked this before, but none of the answers were relevant to my question (so plz dont report me for spam, (seriously this is only the second time I asked). So Im rewording it for clarity this time. Please help!)

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Maybe if you ask Ubisoft about how they got Assassins Creed Unity to finally work then that could help you...hahaha...(trolling tiredly, it's still buggy)

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