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Do architectural firms work the same way as law firms?

It is well-known that most American law firms work on an associate/partner basis-you work as an associate-just drawing a salary and benefits-till such time as you may be asked to become a partner,where you own a part of the firm,get your name on the letterhead,etc.Do architectural firms work the same way,or is it a situation where you are considered a full partner the moment you join?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    There are different levels of partners in law firms.

    How they determine whose name is included depends on the specific firm.

    It might be senior partners or it might be founding partners whose name is part of the firm's name. Junior partners would never have their name on the marque.

    Architectural firms - there is no one answer fits all.

    - some might only have "employees" and some might have partner ownership. 

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