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Why should be careful what you wish for?

I in the past wish to meet my favourite actor and it did happen and it's was awesome and great

he smile at me sweetly . I felt appreciated , love and desired

what 's wrong with that ?

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    You may not want it when you have it. Then you will wish you hadn’t wished for it, and maybe not have gone after it or it gone after you.

    I may want a computer now but I might wish I had waited if I get it now.

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  • Read "The Monkey's Paw".

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  • 4 months ago

    Because it doesn't always work out like that.

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    • KyutieXuan4 months agoReport

      so long  it still haven't  yet  . my idol is good  guy .  anyway I born for hell seen  God hate me I will still be in hell  

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  • Cogito
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    It means that just because you might imagine something turning out well, there's always a big chance that it will not.  I once met a comedian who I admired a lot and he was rude, conceited, dismissive, grumpy and I honestly wish I'd never ever seen him.

    Millions of teens think they would love to meet their favourite actor.  What they almost all fail to understand is that when the actor is on screen or on stage, they are ACTING and it doesn't mean that they are anything like their character in real life.

    It's the same when they give interviews or meet fans.  They are STILL acting.  They're putting on their 'public face'.  In private, they may be nothing like that at all.

    It also happens that the fan reads far too much into such a meeting as you describe.  

    This man may have smiled "sweetly" at you, but to think that you were appreciated, loved or desired is, sadly, nonsense.

    Whoever he is, it's great that meeting him made you happy, but as far as he's concerned he will have instantly forgotten you and won't have thought anything about you at all.  You think you know him because you're seen him acting many times.  He does NOT know you in the slightest.  

    I'm not saying there's anything wrong with meeting someone you admire, but it is just kidding yourself that it meant anything at all.

    • KyutieXuan4 months agoReport

      I have  meet him a few times  even recently  he still  remember me so that good   

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  • 4 months ago

    Ever heard of king Midas. He wishes that everything he touches turns to gold. Well, he touched his daughter, and she turned to gold. 

    What about Tithonus. Eos wished that he lived forever so Zeus granted her the wish. Of course with all things Zeus, there’s always a catch. He does live forever but he continues to age. So he got weaker and weaker, eventually becoming basically jello and blabbering like an idiot. 

    Or what about the cumaean sibyl who wished to live as long as the number of grains of sand that she can hold in her hands in return for sleeping with Apollo. He granted her wish but she refused so Apollo made her shrink every year. She eventually became so small that she lived in a bottle (wonder if that’s the origin of the genie). When asked if she had any wish, she wished that she was dead. 

    Anyway, what if the actor turned out to be a real asshole. Wouldn’t it crush you if he was terrible to you. 

    • KyutieXuan4 months agoReport

      lucky for me is not . he. smile sweetly at me and    also  impossible for him to  rape me  . i am just  a normal looking girl . he acted with actress who  are preetier than me  

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  • 4 months ago

    The phrase simply warns you that if your wish is granted it might not be all you expected it to be. That favorite actor you met might have turned out to be an arrogant unfriendly nasty person. You can never be sure.

    What the phrase is saying is to be prepared for a possible disappointment. The doesn't mean you can't still entertain your wishes, just be wary. 

    • KyutieXuan4 months agoReport

      lucky it's good for  me  . he isn't  nasty   

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