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Why is discrimination against men in employment called employment equity (in Canada)?

Why is discrimination against men considered equitable?

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    "Why is discrimination against men in employment called employment equity (in Canada)?"

    It's a whitewashing term just like affirmative action (US) or positive discrimination (UK).  Coming right out and telling us the bold truth; that they are going to systemically discriminate against men as a group, just because they are men, is as dreadful sounding as it actually is.  Just like the military uses the term "friendly fire" to indicate that they have mistakenly fired upon and killed their own men.

    Rather then discuss the whitewashing terms, we should really be discussing why we are practicing multi-generations "pay-back" by advantaging and discriminating groups of people based on the practices that were remedied by law before most of us were even born. 


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    In the US gender quotas were ruled constitutional by the supreme court because they are seen as a way to bring about equality in the workplace.

    In Australia a few years back they effectively banned men from joining the military by not allowing them to qualify even after they signed up. They did this because they wanted the military to be 50% women and since men kept beating out women they just banned men outright until 50% of the military was women. They never reached the goal.

    The examples provided above are just two of many examples you will find of western feminist nations openly and proudly discriminating against men with the expressed and proudly stated goal of bringing about equality. On a fun side note, most of these policies were passed by men. Yup, men in government are openly betraying their own sex and have been doing it now for longer than any of us have been alive. 

    Anyway, the reason for all of this is because feminists demand it and the government loves the money feminists provide them. Plus, women are a very large voting block, and so appealing to them by undermining the minority voting block just makes sense for the politician. This is made even more the case when men fail to fight back and even support being discriminated against in this fashion.  

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    I didn't know that. If you're right it makes sense. It should be adopted in the UK and US.

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