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Why does watching other people speedrun a game makes the game less fun for me?


I've been watching some girl speedrun Silent Hill 2 on twitch and that ruined the game for. I have never played the game myself. I bought the game for 200 dollars on amazon and just don't have the motivation to play it after watching her speedrun the game. WHY!!

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    That's the absolute worst kind of game to watch that kind of thing for without first playing. It's an atmospheric horror game where you're not supposed to have any idea what's going on or where anything is your first time through. You're supposed to encounter each scene as a new and horrific experience rather than something an expert makes getting through a matter of practiced routine.

    If it was a game like Doom or classic Sonic the Hedgehog, those might not be ruined as much for you. But, you just subjected yourself to rapid-fire spoilers for a game where not knowing what's happening is core to the experience.

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    • Ray2 months agoReport

      I'm going to try to enjoy it right now. because the 200 bucks i spent on it ...

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