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Someone good at English, please?

I am reading a document about electronic devices and I don’t understand the line in capital letters. I am not a native English speaker. Please, explain this line to me, thanks:

“In the event a Party is, in the opinion of its counsel, required to make a public disclosure by law, THE RULES OF A STOCK EXCHANGE ON WHICH ITS SECURITIES ARE LISTED OR BY FINANCIAL REPORTING REQUIREMENTS, such Party should submit the proposed disclosure in writing to the other Party in advance to provide a reasonable opportunity to comment thereon.”

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    In many countries, a company's stock is traded on a particular "stock exchange". For example, the New York Stock Exchange. The sentence says that any disclosure of info to the public must follow the written rules of that exchange if the stock is traded on that exchange. The rules will be slightly different for each exchange.

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