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Has anyone tried any of Halo beauty supplements?

I have terrible cystic acne and brittle nails. I am very interested in trying Halo Beauty but their products are pretty expensive (also I live in EU so the shipping is going to be pretty expensive too). Is it worth it? I don't really mind paying a lot as long as it's doing something.

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Those vitamins might work and probably do BUT they are no different than the regular vitamins you get at your local pharmacy. You can take vitamin B complex for hair and nail loss. YOu can take B 6, B12.

    The vitamins that influencers push are not expensive because they are better, they are expensive because it lines their pockets. They figure (and it does work) people see them looking so healthy and glowy and buyers want to look just like them. The truth is, influencers look beautiful because they are doing extensive and expensive procedures to their face and body that cost 1000's of dollars, it's not the vitamins. So those vitamins, essentially are scams to rip off those who are desperate to fix their issues.

    You just need to look at your own diet and eat more dark veg every day, fruits and veg.

    Use healthy alternatives like using Tumeric (a spice you find at your local market) and use that in your diet and make a paste of it and put it on your skin.

    So if you are going to spend $50 on Halo vitamins, then use it on grocerys instead buying healthy foods that will make your hair and nails grow. Do some research on what veg to eat to grow hair and nails.

    Try to get vitamin E oil from the vitamin shop and put it on your skin issue. That hails emesely.

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