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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 2 months ago

Is my friend protective of just very affectionate?

I’m a guy and I’m 28 and I have a female friend who’s 18 or 19.

Last summer we worked together as co workers and a couple times she said hi to me by saying my name in an affectionate voice sounding kinda motherly and compassionate and or like an older sister.

She often asked me how I am and how I’m feeling or something like that. I caught her looking at me one time. She would smile at me telling me about a trip she was planning with her family, she’s shared personal details about her family.

One day my finger was hurting but not bleeding and she worried that my finger was bleeding on the inside.

I have a learning disability but she doesn’t appear to have one and she’s also very smart.


Is my female friend protective or affectionate 

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