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Ear ache pain and itchy?

For a month now ive been feeling pressure in my ear like it's blocked when i try to lay down. 3 days ago pain started so i went to the er. The dr. Drained my ear and something hard came out guess it was hardened wax i don't really kno. The pain eased up n i was discharged. Came home and felt pain so i took a pain killer and a nap. Now 3hrs later the pain is back n my ear is still itchy n hurting. How long does this take to go away? Was the dr supposed to prescribe me something? At this point i feel like going back to another hospital

1 Answer

  • IOM
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    That was a big wax plug. It does take a while to get back to normal. 3 days seems enough for it to get back to normal. Have it checked again in case there was some damage the first doctor missed for whatever reason.

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