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Anonymous asked in HealthGeneral Health CareOther - General Health Care · 2 months ago

How is coronavirus spread exactly?

With the coronavirus, could it be transmitted by a greeting card? Like if someone picked up a card that had the virus and maybe sneezed on it or something, then put it back because they didn't want it, could someone else who came along and wanted the card (or even just touched it) contract the virus from that? How long does the virus stay alive on surfaces? I seen something that said 28 days which I kind of don't believe.

My dad has a friend who is kind of "crazy" (believes a lot of "conspiracy" and "propaganda" BS and stuff like that) who swears it'll be the death of us all. This guy claims the virus is "way worse" than any of us believe and that it's literally EVERYWHERE. I thought it wasn't as bad in the USA. I know we've had cases, but it isn't as widespread. My state has no confirmed cases and neither does the 2 states next door to mine.

I'm good about washing my hands before eating and after being in public and I sanitize my phone screen regularly. I was just wondering about greeting cards or buying other things from a store causing you to get the virus and if that would even be possible. It seems like your biggest "danger zones" would be things like door handles/knobs, escalators, hand railings, etc.

I'm sorry if this sounds stupid, but I was just wondering. I don't know a whole lot about how this seemingly nasty disease is spread. I buy a lot of cards, so I wanted to be sure it was still ok to do so.

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    You didn't read post from Canadian. = "In the area hundreds of kilometers where noone flights or visits China they found 2 cases of coronavirus".

    Maybe is nothing related to China, only they have the most victims - maybe lowest immunity there.

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  • Mog
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    They don’t know yet how long the virus can live outside the body. 

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