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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicRap and Hip-Hop · 3 months ago

What are the 15 most well known countries in ur opinion?

1 Answer

  • 3 months ago

    (No order here)

    1. USA

    2. Cañada 


    4. France 

    5. Spain 

    6. Egypt 

    7. Nigeria 

    8. Russia 

    9. China 

    10. Japan 

    11. Australia 

    12. Germany 

    13. India 

    14. UK 

    15. Italy 

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    • TheGod3 months agoReport

      U almost got it right. U named 14 out of the 15 most known nations according to thousands answers from more than 2500 users on internet. You did put Nigeria instead of Brazil. Brazil is one of the 15 most known nations plus all the others u mentioned, except Nigeria

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