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Anonymous asked in TravelCanadaOther - Canada · 2 months ago

My cousin wants me to visit her in Canada, but I have second thoughts. What should I do?

I'm American from New York City (Italian and Sicilian roots), and my middle aged cousin is Canadian born and bred (based in Ontario). I've never been to Canada before, and this would be my first time. 

I'm not worried about the border crossing (I have a passport, a clean background, and not smuggling), I just fear that Canadians up there will dislike me just for being American (it appears to be in their dna; "not being American"). And that they boast that their country is multicultural/liberal and mine isn't (my hometown is actually renowned for being diverse, left wing and international). I don't care that Canada has minorities in it, I really don't. I thrive on diversity, I grew up with it.

Also, I do happen to be a young white male, and these right wing websites say that people like me would be the target of feminists and other left wingers......double that for a white AMERICAN male I guess; the very people Canadians would associate with Donald Trump (whom I DON'T like or voted for). Not me, I read these things on social media.

I'd be in the Toronto/Ottawa areas, and my cousin wants to take me to Quebec (I've been told that French Canadians are even scarier than English ones).

My cousin loves me, and assures me that I'd be fine. But I don't know....

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  • 1 month ago

    Canadians, on the whole, don't dislike Americans just because they're American. Canadians tend to dislike the loud Americans that show up in the summertime with skis tied to their roof and ask where the snow is.

    The secret to being an American in Canada is don't be one of those "Ugly" American stereotypes. Be polite, be friendly but not overly so and try not to bring up topics on health care, politics or Donald Trump. From what you've said so far you should be fine.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Canadians do not wear their nationality on their sleeve as Americans do ("I am American") 

    Get used to the LACK of response. "So what? Nobody gives a fawk....or, you poor bass turd. HTF did you vote in a con man? Really, your form of democracy is FAWKED." This is posed as a genuine question, a query.  Most just don't give a fawk.. (I mean, that is from those people that even talk about politics as most DON'T CARE what happens south of the line.)Drink the Beer and STFU and you should be good.  Even in Quebec.  Toss in the odd French word into  the conversation and you will be accepted as "trying to speak French"  Beer in French is "biere" and basically sounds the same.  You're in Canada - a different country....Hockey is the game(not football).  Hell soccer does not even rate that high(but it is higher than American Football especially amongst the German Canadians. (& Italians play that too). Right now snow sports is what is most active though it is winding the white schitt disappears.Cable TV news will be missing U.S. politics because most Canadians just don't care.  We care about Canadian politics (sometimes).  Maybe we care about the weather more.There are many white Americans that are progressives and Democrats.  You will not be eyed as to the political party you probably represent because Canadians do not identify themselves as Liberal or Conservative.  We are all Canadians...first.DT stands alone by himself as an oddball to American society. Not many people are ORANGE.Only he is dividing up American society so that there is inward fighting(amongst themselves) & not the real issue which is "Money runs politics."Right now, Trump is making the news because he wants it that way.  Only HE is important.  NO "other news matters"  He is a wannabe successful president. (but he is still living off of the Obama presidency and its successes, you know when the U.S. was more of a guiding light in the world(not to where it has fallen to now)International - multicultural is basically the same thing with 2 different labels.You say your town is reknown to being diverse, left wing and international.  That combo does not go together.IMO  Diverse & international will not be "just" Left Wing.(otherwise it is no longer Diverse)Canadians are not so Hard Left or Hard Right because of the diversity of the culture. Politics does not run their lives.Because of your New York accent you will stick out.  But maybe part of that is hidden by your Italian/Sicilian mother tongue.?  So you might not be noticed.

    Unless you wear a White Hood "Trying to stick out"

    Otherwise you are a tourist.

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  • 2 months ago

    Stay home or visit a large American city. You will be much safer

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  • 2 months ago

    Stop worrying about that stuff.  You'll be fine if you visit here.  We even have Italians living here, which would explain why our Italian food is so blasted good.

    Everything you've heard about us being not-American is true, but it's not very scary.  We say that because we know around 90% of our culture is American, but we don't like being called Americans so we say we have our own culture.  None of us have a clue what our culture actually is, so we just say we're not American.  It's nothing against the Yanks, so don't worry about it.  We have roughly 35,000,000 tourists visit from other countries each year, and over half of them come from the USA.  

    We do like to rip on US politics, but that's mainly because US politics has been just a little goofy over the past decade or so.  Unless you're on a university campus, you won't find any radical identity politics going on up here.  We hate on our politicians as much as you guys hate on yours, but we're laid back about it.  

    Some of the French Canadians are rude and scary, but that's limited to the Hells Angels and northern Quebec.  You'd have no problems in Ottawa or Montreal.

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  • 2 months ago

    As long as you spend lots of dough, we don't care.  Canada has become a world leader in selling out to anyone with money.

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  • Personally I couldn't care less if you're an American (I'm Canadian by the way), probably most Canadians wouldn't care either. If they get to know you then they can figure out if they like you or not. 

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  • 2 months ago

    They don't hate Americans; they just don't like being mistaken for Americans. Or jokes about maple syrup. Or Wolverine.

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  • 2 months ago

    Nothing you posted will happen or is remotely real. You just don’t open your mouth up and insult people, in any country.

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  • 2 months ago

    Well, you can't believe everything you read, especially on social media which seems to attract nut jobs of all kinds. There may be Canadians who dislike people merely because they are American. In my 67 years living in Canada, I haven't met one. Many Canadians have American friends, relatives and business associates, and many visit the US fairly often.

    If you don't feel in danger in NYC from feminists and political extremists, there's no reason why you would be in danger in Canada. You'll actually be safer. A Canadian is a lot less likely to shoot you, for any reason, than an American is.

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  • A.J.
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Most Canadians, and for that matter, most of the civilized world, thinks Americans are borderline insane for electing Donald Trump as President. They consider us under-educated, bullies, and disrespectful. But, they also realize that half the country hates him as much as they do. A guy from Toronto saw my Pete Buttigieg sticker and button and said he likes Pete, but since he's Canadian he doesn't vote here.

    All you have to do is show that you aren't a Trumpster and have some sign of support for a Democrat candidate and you should feel welcomed.

    It's the people supporting Right wing websites that they really would rather not visit.


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