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How to sell videos of animals hunting other animals?

So everything started one and a half year ago when I was watching youtube and liveleak videos of dogs hunting cats, I immediately loved it but around 95% of these videos where poorly recorded, vertical and low quality, I started getting annoyed by that and was always searching for more videos of better quality without  much luck. So I decided to get me a rottweiler  and now I buy and trap cats, I put my dog in a room and then I add two cats so one is getting killed first while the other is terrified waiting its turn. I’ve put a total of 36 cats so far and all videos are recorded in 1080p HD. They really are great and I know there is a market place for this I know that some people hate cats and love to see them getting torn apart, but I’m not sure how can I promote it and sell it without getting in trouble. Any advice?  

1 Answer

  • audrey
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    You're a sick pervert.

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