Herpes or something else ?

Hi all, abit of an awkward one. A work college has confided in me that he’s got some lumps on his genital area leading up to his stomach. Now his first panic is herpes, but apart from being a fair few bumps in that area, nothing is similar to herpes. There’s no pain, they don’t pop or blister, they’ve been there longer than the typical herpes outbreak of 3/4 weeks ( borderline 9-10 weeks atm) and you can scratch the head off then relatively easy.

No pus comes out just lots of bleeding! He is paranoid so I was wondering if you can suggest anything, we don’t think it’s infected hair follicles as doesn’t look like that sort of bump. I just want to give him peace of mind really if anyone has any other ideas!? 

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  • Herpes doesn't bleed so it's not that. Also herpes causes itching, burning and or tingling symptoms. Also herpes looks more like a blister or open paper cut like sore. It might be genital warts, he really should go see a doctor and get this checked out. 

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