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Why do my eyes change color so frequently?

Right now they are a not very vibrant light blue with a ring of hazel around the pupil. Then, my eyes will probably shift to a hazel greenish color. Sometimes they will be straight light blue with nothing else and sometimes a dark hazel. They usually change over the course of about a week or two. What is the scientific reason behind why my eyes change color so frequently?

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  • 1 month ago

    You’re describing something which many people claim that they have, but which has never been proven when independently studied.

    Iris colours are made from multiple strands of many colours which average out to produce your overall eye colour. In different light levels your pupil size changes and as that is black it also adds to the overall perceived iris colour. 

    Different types of light also have their own colour temperature and that will also change the way you see your eyes. 

    If you’re viewing your eyes via photographs and not directly viewing in a mirror then the image processing software can make quite dramatic changes to the way all colours are viewed, especially when automatic white balance is enabled (by permanent default on most phone cameras). Even old “wet chemical” photo processing never produced absolutely true to life colour reproductions.

    There’s also a psychological effect: your brain can see what it wants to see. So if you’re expecting to see hazel that’s what you’ll see. If you’re expecting to see green or blue then the optical processing in your brain will see those elements within your iris. The brain does that a lot: under fluorescent lighting you don’t see everything with a green colour cast, and under tungsten lighting you don’t see everything with a strong orange cast. You also don’t see the bluish cast of many white LED lights. But those colour casts are genuine and easily photographed if you turn the white balance setting on any digital camera to “daylight”.

    So what you’re seeing is real, but it’s only real for you and is simply a natural part of the way everybody’s brain processes visual input, plus the effect of artificial processing of photographic images. Others won’t see what you claim except to a very small (barely noticeable) degree just like you cannot see it in the eyes of those who make the same claims as you about their own eyes. Even then your own perceptual bias will be involved: you are exceptionally unlikely to notice even tiny slight natural changes in the eye colours of other people unless they actually tell you that they have the same ability you claim for yourself. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Enough people claim eye color changes with moods that I can't dismiss is as not happening. Your iris is a very vascular structure. How full the blood vessels in your iris are depends on a number of factors including temperature, health and mood. Just like your face can change colors depending on these things, I believe that your iris can as well.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    They don't. You are just seeing them in different lights, which can cause the perception of color to change.

    • Mark
      Lv 7
      1 month agoReport

      Or from different angles.

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