were there any 'evil forces' in the middle ages?

like were there any evil forces in the form of mysterious evil cults? or is this only from works of fiction?

i remember in one episode of the 80's series 'robin of sherwood' there was an evil cult, the wolf cult who were trying to destroy robin in the hood and his men....but in reality, did such cults exist back in the middle ages which used to roam the forests?

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    There were a few underground groups that dabbled in witchcraft and pledged themselves to satan, conducting rituals and the black mass. It was very debaucherous.

    There were a lot of innocent people condemned by the inquisition, but not all of the arrests made were justified. Some people hated the authority the church had over Europe and felt somewhat justified doing the complete opposite priests preached against. Certain gnostic viewed God of the Old Testament as cruel and uncaring, so those with opposition went a little overboard.  There were orgies, beastiality, and blasphemies and even in some cases unempithetic murder.

    Much like in recent times Marijuana was a buffer drug made illegal to limit more hardcore drugs, so people did Marijuana to let loose just because it was illegal. In the dark ages some youth would get involved in cults or orgies just to be rebellious, not necessarily because they were devoted to Satan.

    So yeah, there were cults and covens who did weird stuff like that, but not all members were full fledged devotees to the Lord of Darkness.

    Church officials were corrupt too and some of them got involved in even darker activities. They were the equivalent of modern days pedophile politicians, who are too big to get accused of anything illegal. But there are records of Church officials caught taking part in the black mass.

    Religions and cults are primarily the same thing, the only difference is the number or devotees and tax exemptions. The Church use the symbol of a crucified man as their emblem. An outsider who knows nothing of Christianity can be judgemental of that alone.

    A rival religion of Christianity,  that stems from a similar belief in Christ, called the Cathars, were deemed heretical and exterminated by the Catholic Church during the Albigensian Crusade. The cult of Dionysus was actually pretty big during the dark ages too, but neither of these were inherently evil.

    But there were a few cults that delved into the Dark Arts, however there weren't a vast number of initiates and aren't really remembered in name by history.

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    The Middle Ages was from 900 until the 1300's. Most of these answers refer to a period at least 300 years later and more. The reference to black mass is a giveaway because Christianity wasn't established across Europe until around 800 AD, but the Mass was in Latin. Pagan British did not have access to an English Bible until the reformation around 1700. The Inquisition and Witch trials were a desperate attempt by the Roman church to retain their wealth and power. With Charles 1 execution, the French Revolution and American Independence the Church invented the rise of satanism to frighten nations, particularly the Protestant nations into retaining their monarchies. It worked, and though no-one has ever seen a witch fly the Church can point out its battle against evil was a just one and its sharing of power with Kings and Queens put it in place as a pillar of society. Today no-one hears the cries of the burning dead, especially the fans of Harry Potter.

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  • 5 months ago

    there has always been evil forces

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  • 5 months ago

    Oh hell yeah.  Haven't you heard the inquisition or the great witch hunts?

    Okay, so those evil satanic groups didn't actually exist.  You think that stopped everyone from being afraid of them?  Not a chance.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    The catholic church for one.

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