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Gaming Monitor Suggestion?

Hello everyone,

I'm thinking about an upgrade to the RTX & 8th gen system. But its a plan for a little bit later for me since I need to renew my PC altogether. So I decided to start the upgrade from my monitor. 

I have the ASUS VG248QE. It's a 1920x1080 144Hz 1ms TN Panel monitor. I'm not well-informed about brightness and contrast types but it says 350 cd/m2 for brightness and 1000:1 for contrast.

So, I'm looking for monitors and technologies for a while now and I really want to explore the HDR and 2k-4k quality. A good TV came through my mind but I am so happy with the 1ms latency and 144hz refresh rate. And buying both a monitor and a TV is not an option for me sadly.

There is a lot of technologies to pay attention nowadays like g-sync, refresh rate, resolution, panels etc.. In short, I want it all =) But I can't seem to find the exact monitor I want. So if you please recommend one with the specs below or the closest one to it, I'll be glad.

*No curved.


*2K (may be 4k but 2k is enough for me)


*HDR10 (I am a big fan of Tomb Raider Franchaise since the TRII and I desperately want to play the series' last installment in HDR)

*1 ms


*High refresh rate

Don't actually looking for a specific panel after all these criteria.

Like I said I'm open to further advices about the monitor.


"there is no 1ms refresh rate monitor in this specs.. there is 4ms ones.." or;

"there is not a big difference between HDR10 & HDR400.." etc..

Thanks in advance!!


(Budget is not a problem since I'm preparing myself for this upgrade for a while.)

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    check you online vendor's website. there are plenty of larger 1ms response monitors these days ... and you'll pay for 4K quality and/or higher refresh rates [144 Hz is common now]

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