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Which extract from Blood Brothers should I do?

I have a drama mock exam coming up, and we are required to choose an extract from the play 'Blood Brothers' to perform. We can't perform sections with gaps which are too large. My group is finding this difficult because we have only five people; not enough to play all of the central parts; the characters in the play are distributed everywhere throughout the play, so it's hard to emit anybody. We can't decide whether to include Linda or the Narrator, as both contribute to the play in differing ways. Should we multi-role? I'm really not sure, lol. If anybody has suggestions as to what to do, please help! We're really stressed!

1 Answer

  • Tina
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    Ask your drama teacher. If the reply is that part of the exam involves working out these problems for yourselves, then yes, multi-role, include or omit (not emit), do anything you can to produce a coherent scene.

    If not, no doubt s/he will give you some advice.

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