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Which scholarships are available?

Hello everyone!

This is Dr. Mussadiq Latif Mirza, I’ve received a lot of requests from friends and acquaintances that how do you find a scholarship and see if there is any able to be availed right now.

Yes the question is important and obvious as lack of career counselling is one of the most contributing factors to the apprehension of students and scholarship finders. So in my journey to figure out how to help the aspirants from developing countries, I’ve finally come up to a lot of websites offering fake, past-due and full of ads websites with nonsensical content. But faith is all that matters sometimes. Finally after days of research, I’ve found something which can be very useful you guys.

This platform is called

So if you are looking for undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and Ph.D scholarships, all you need to do is to explore their relevant pages (I’ve linked here). Also you can join their Facebook, Whatsapp community to stay in contact and get updated on your personal cell phone all the time.

Anything else you guys need help for, do let me know. Thank you!Regards;Abu Shaheer

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    That is the job of the school's student councilor.

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