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Are there any paint colour match and mix for artists?

I am currently working on an art piece that requires me to mix an exact colour match over and over with about 30 different colours.

I have noticed that there is technology available for decorating paint that matches the exact you need from a sample. This type of machine is what I need but designed for an artist.

Does anyone know if there is any technology, tools or processes that will allow me to do the same with art paint (acrylic or oil paints.)

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    "Exact match" is more like a advertising slogan than reality. You'll usually get a better match with the samples folder.

    But even if, that will only work for the physical pigments the system has been calibrated for, so you'll need to ask the manufacturer of your paints.

    As an artist, I hope you're also aware that two physically different colours that look identical under one type of lighting may be way off under a different type of lighting?

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