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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureHolidaysOther - Holidays · 4 months ago

Why hasn't my birthday wish come true?

I want to sing beautifully like a disney princess so I can bring joy to the people around me. I am Kind, Generous, Truthful, Wise and Determined. I proved myself like pinnocchio and he got to become a real boy, but why cant I sing beautifully like a princess.

Cinderella sounds so pretty on the song So This Is Love, and somehow she got so she sounds more beautiful than most girls today.

I offered the exquisite necklace that my best friend made me from seashells to the waters. I tossed the necklace into the water and said ,"I wish I could sing beautifully". I gave up this necklace which was precious and proved myself generous and determined.

I never lie and I am a good girl and do well in school, and havent gotten into trouble. Why hasnt my wish been granted? The stars were reflected into the water when i tossed the necklace into the depths, and as it dropped in it made a ripple in the water reflecting the stars.

Somehow I still havent gotten my wish. I am determined, and made this wish ever year for the past three years on my birthday candles. Why hasnt it come true?

What can I do?


Even Aladdin got to sing beutifully, he just rubbed a lamp, and a genie came and made his wishes come true, and he sounded AAAMAAAZIING on a Whole New World. Why did my wish never come true?

1 Answer

  • Carson
    Lv 6
    4 months ago

    Great! You've got that part, the wishing down pat. Now it's time to put in the actual work. Ruh-roh.

    Voice lessons, practice, recitals...

    Or do you think when you open your eyes a full orchestra is going to appear in your living room with you serenading your family and friends in a ball gown?

    Sorry. Won't happen.

    Google "your zip code* voice lessons "

    Good Luck

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